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Old 08-18-2015
Study UNIX Kernel

Hi all,
I hope you are fine,

I'd like study Os I tried a book like Silberschatz it's a good book but like
other books it talks about the concepts abstractly and that's due to it try
to encompass many concepts from many operating systems in GENERAL.

i am not too much comfortable from these method i'd like to go something
concrete... so I decided to read and study an actual implementation of an OS
(it's source code) . I decided to do that by studying :
  • C Programming language
  • A Machine Architecture corresponding to a selected operating system
  • A selected operating system

the Criteria am considering for selecting an OS is :
  • it runs on a machine that have books and documentation that describes it (preferably but not restricted to Intel )
  • the OS itself has plenty of books and documentation describing and explaining it's concepts and source code and of course open source the most important criteria is that it's old enough to be quite easy covering the fundamentals and then I could read more about subsequent versions for more complexity .
  • the OS is Unix or Unix-like or A modification or derived from Unix Kernel.


I tried searching for Xenix because it runs on 80386 which is an Intel well documented machine but I found that the OS itself is a closed source ..

my question now : I'd like you to help me please to choose the OS and the Corresponding Machine meeting the above criteria (even it's too old but it must have books and documentation still available till now) ... i have searched the internet too much but am still confused ...

and please tell me if am thinking correct to try learning this way ..

thanks too much for you all

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Old 08-18-2015
"the OS is Unix or Unix-like or A modification or derived from Unix Kernel."

Well... That would seem to cover just about all possibilities, yes.

You might try MINIX. It was the old 16-bit x86 kernel Linus Torvalds learned on, now a 32-bit kernel.
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Old 08-18-2015
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Old 08-18-2015
corona688 and vbe you really sure that the MINIX book contain all the source code with Explanation of every function an line assuming i know C well ? i have heard about this book but what's you opinion about reading microkernel os first shouldn't i read monolithic kernel first ??? what's the difference between then during study ??
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Old 08-18-2015
minix is a very basic OS, up to you to make it more rich.. I think it is the best start for anyone wanting to understand what is going on in a basic OS since if you follow the book you should end with a working basic system, then as I said up to you to use GNU stuff to enrich your OS now you are a master in C compilation Smilie
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Old 08-18-2015
I cant think of any other book where you have source code in it...

As you want to specifically study kernel functionality look what else Tannenbaum has edited
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Old 08-18-2015
vbe another question please ... when i opened wikipedia page for that os i found the platforms (machines) are not limited to intel 80386 but there is others ... how does the book treat the machine .. does that vary in code .. code for every machine ?? or how does it treat this issue ... thanks
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