Changing date time will cause the X11 restart

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Operating Systems SCO Changing date time will cause the X11 restart
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Changing date time will cause the X11 restart

I am using SCO Unix System V/386 Release 3.2v4.2 in some legacy machine.

I find that when I change the date time of the system, it will sometimes restart to the scologin page

It seems to be related to the X11 because other sessions (not scologin session) will not be affected.

Is there any one know the reason and how to solve or workaround?

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Maybe it's a expiration session time due to change date time...

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Sudden adjustments in the clock mean that timers can instantly expire invalidly. Some time adjustment programs move the time gradually to the desired time so there is no disruption. In this internet age, most of us have internet sync'd or local time master sync'd clocks, and the clock adjustment with these seems to always be gentle. One wonders why the time needs much setting, but even a host with a pretty bad clock can be kept in sync with NTP or the like.
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If you don't want the scologin screen, you can disable it with:
#scologin disable

How are you changing the date/time, and are you moving forward, or backwards, relative to the date/time of the last boot?
How old is the CMOS battery?
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Thanks for all replies!

There are 4 sessions in the SCO Unix, I changed the date time in any session using "date -t xxxxxxxxxx "

Then the session with X11 desktop will be restarted to the scologin screen. Only have this problem if changed to future date time (even 1 or 2 days forward), but no problem if I changed to past date time.

It seems relate to dispaly of X11 because no problem in other sessions of no X11. I really want to fix this problem because I need X11, is there any setting I can configure? something expire? any workaround?

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Change the date on a reboot, so the entire system is quiescent (still one session), perhaps with an init script?
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Looks like your X-server has a bug - and crashes.
Patch/upgrade available?
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