Unable to dump due to limited space?

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Operating Systems SCO Unable to dump due to limited space?
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Old 02-20-2006
Unable to dump due to limited space?

After rebuilding the RAIDs on the SCO Unix, the following dialog appears when rebooting the machine.

Fssat: /dev/boot mounted

Mounted /stand filesystem

Fsstat: /dev/usr1 okay

Mounted /usr1 filesystem

(continues usr2, usr3,

Fsstat: /dev/usr4 okay

Panic: HTFS: Bad directory ino 2 (offset 0) on HTFS hd (1/169)

Cannot dump 524190 pages to dumpdev hd (1/41): Space for only 128000 pages

Dump not completed

Notice: Flushing MegaRaid PCI Adapters

Safe to Power off


Press any Key to Reboot

Has anyone any suggestions on how to fix this or get round it.

Thanks in advance.
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Old 02-23-2006
Please post the version of the OS.

Your "Cannot dump 524190 pages to dumpdev hd (1/41)" errror is just lack of space to create the dump - only 128000 was available - that isn't your problem with your system.

Your problem is associated with this error:
Panic: HTFS: Bad directory ino 2 (offset 0) on HTFS hd (1/169)

That is what caused your system to crash (and attempt to create a crash dump)

This info on booting single user and filesystem checks may help.
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Old 02-27-2006
Thanks RTM. The version is SCO Open Server Release 5.
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