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Failure while installing SCO UNIXWare7.1.4 on vmware workstation9, virtualbox

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Operating Systems SCO Failure while installing SCO UNIXWare7.1.4 on vmware workstation9, virtualbox
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Old 02-17-2013
Failure while installing SCO UNIXWare7.1.4 on vmware workstation9, virtualbox

Sir I am trying to install UnixWare7.1.4 on vmware workstation9, virtualbox and I am getting the following error

FATAL BOOT ERROR: decompression failed

For installing SCO Unixware7.1.4 I have created virtual harddisk of size 18GB, 1024 RAM, 64bit video memory, chosen unixware7.1.4 as cdrom, one processor having one core. and when I started the virtual machine I am getting the above error.

I have tried the installation of UnixWare7.1.4 in both vmware workstation9, virtualbox. but none succeeded and I am getting the same error for both.

My host operating system is Fedora X86-64.

Kindly help me to install UnixWare7.1.4 on either vmware workstation9(if possible) or virtualbox or any other virtual machine software's.

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Old 02-18-2013
It has been a while since I did this but that sounds like bad boot media (cdrom or boot image).

Can you test this media in another ordinary (non-VM) platform to see whether it is possible to install the O/S from that media?

Is this an original media or a copy?

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