SCO Unix 5.0.6 SATA in compatibility mode

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Operating Systems SCO SCO Unix 5.0.6 SATA in compatibility mode
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SCO Unix 5.0.6 SATA in compatibility mode

I am very new to SCO Unix so I apologize if this is a easy or dumb question.

I have a 160GB SATA hard drive and SATA CD-ROM drive connected to one of my systems. I have both the drives running in compatibility mode. I also have the hard drive set as a primary master and the CD-ROM drive set as Secondary Master.

I am currently trying to install SCO Unix 5.0.6. I have downloaded the WD bootloader for 5.0.6 and have done the

Boot: defbootstr link="wd506"

It replaces the default WD driver on the CD. When I enter the installation, I get the

Error 22: While getting fs type

I on the HDD I have 5.0.7 installed just to familiar myself with sco unix until I was able to get a copy of 5.0.6(thanks JGT). I noticed that while 5.0.7 boots up on the %adapter display it shows,

%adapter ha=0 type=usb_msto UDI SCSI HBA (on 5.0.7)

while the bootup for 5.0.6 for the installation comes up, I don't have any of those displaying.

I have also noticed that in 5.0.7 it says that my "root hard drive" is connected to the ST506 controller.

Because I believe that the 5.0.6 boot up isn't configured properly, it is getting the "Error 22" problem I mentioned earlier.

So my question is, is there a defbootstr to configure which IDE controller it uses on the install?
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How are you answering the question about how to partition the disk?
# 3  
not quite sure what you mean. After I press "Enter" to install, it ask for my CD-ROM drive, I set it to Secondary and Master. After pressing Accept,
it tries to scan for my hdd and then I get,

Error 22
While getting fs type

I am testing on a different drive now, 80GB, but still have the same error. This drive is blank with no partitions.

Are you saying I need to partition the drive during "Boot"? Because I thought the installation took care of that during the installation process like 5.0.7 does.
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The install process first loads the kernel from the cd into memory, then tries to determine where the disk is, and where the cd is.
The next step (if you get that far) is to decide how to partition and format the drive, then copy the cd to the disk.
If the process is failing as early as you say, the problem is that the OS does not see the disk and cd as being on the primary ide controller. If the motherboard supports both ide and sata devices, disable the ide controller in the cmos.
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So I understand that the installation is trying to figure out where the CD-ROM and HDD is, but I am not able to get to the point after choosing the location of the CD in the installation process. Right after I choose it,
it scans the CD, then as you have said it looks for the HDD. But when it begins that process, it gets Error 22 while getting fs type.

The motherboard only supports SATA, but has options such as compatibility mode and enhanced mode. Only in compatibility mode is it able to detect the CD-ROM when I enter installation, it does not detect the CD-ROM in the installation process for any other mode. So the bios is setup to have both CD-ROM and HDD in compatibility mode.

I have also noticed that the %disk output on the device output(before pressing "Enter" to begin installation) shows the following:

%disk 0x01F0-0x01F7 14 - type=W0 unit=0 cyls=9964 hds-255 secs=63

I've compared that output with the 5.0.7 pre-installation output, and the cyls seem to be completely different as well, it being cyls=16709.

Not sure if that matters though.
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Have you tried with and without the wd btld?
If so and you still have the problem, either run 5.0.7, or try another motherboard.
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Unfortunately running 5.0.7 isn't an option since this is for a customer who does not want to purchase a new set of licenses....

And yes I have tried with and without the wd btld.....i am wondering whether running only 1 SATA device would help. Then I can insert a IDE adapter Card and connect the CD-ROM drive to it, leaving only the hard drive connected to the SATA. Hope this can eliminate any confusion with the operating system....
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