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Browser problem

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Operating Systems SCO Browser problem
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Old 03-15-2005
Browser problem

I'm running SCO Unix openserver 5.0.4 at the moment. The problem is my dissatifaction with the web browser netscape 3.01. I wanted a better browser, and tried to install netscape 4.7, and the required rs504c patch. I'm still not able to see web pages in a satisfying matter, it is mostly black. I get a error message saying something about visuals, that I cannot use visuals pseudocolor 4. And I donno how to fix it... please help?

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hman(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   hman(1)

hman - browse the on-line manual pages SYNOPSIS
hman [ -P browser ] [ -H host ] [ section ] name hman [ -P browser ] [ -H host ] [ section ] [ index ] DESCRIPTION
The hman script is an interface to man2html(1) that allows you to enter man page requests at the command line and view the output in your favourite browser. The behaviour reminds of that of man(1) so that many people will be able to alias hman to man. If the browser used is netscape, and an incarnation of netscape is running already, hman will pass the request to the existing browser. OPTIONS
-P browser Specify which browser (like lynx, xmosaic, arena, chimera, netscape, amaya, ...) to use. This option overrides the MANHTMLPAGER environment variable. The default is the non-httpd version of lynx, or sensible-browser if lynx cannot be found. -H host Specify from what host to get the man pages. This option overrides the MANHTMLHOST environment variable. The default is localhost. ENVIRONMENT
MANHTMLPAGER The default browser to use is selected using this environment variable. MANHTMLHOST The default host to use is selected using this environment variable. SEE ALSO
man(1), man2html(1), arena(1), lynx(1), sensible-browser(1), netscape(1), xmosaic(1), glimpse(1) 19 January 1998 hman(1)

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