openserver 5.0.6 media need

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Operating Systems SCO openserver 5.0.6 media need
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openserver 5.0.6 media need

I am looking for openserver 5.0.6 media. I need build a new production server and we only have the 5.0.5 media.

If anybody can help that be awesome.
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Send me an email, I will give you download instructions for .iso files
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I'm in the same boat. Looking to redo an ancient (and quite fubar) install of 5.0.4. I'd prefer not to shell out $$ for 5.0.7v. From what I understand a 5.0.4 license works up to 5.0.6.

As for the email, wish I could. I'm a long time lurker with not enough posts to PM or email Smilie
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can't send you an email or pm not enough post yet
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Click on my handle, click on view profile, go to contact information, open my home page. The email address is there.
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Originally Posted by jgt
Click on my handle, click on view profile, go to contact information, open my home page. The email address is there.
Sent you an email last week. Hopefully it didn't hit your spam filter. Happy holidays!
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Thanks JGT everything works perfect. I am getting warning about my second cpu not working. I have add our SMP license to the server and still getting the warning. After looking on our current 5.0.6 server I see software package SCO Symmetrical Multiprocessing. Do I need to install this software to get my second CPU to work correctly?

If so, where do I get the install files from?

thanks for the help
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