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Hard disk clone of OpenServer 5.0.0 didn't work, why?

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Operating Systems SCO Hard disk clone of OpenServer 5.0.0 didn't work, why?
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Old 09-19-2010
Hard disk clone of OpenServer 5.0.0 didn't work, why?

Continuing saga of working on making a retail store more robust by creating a backup clone of the main server, a 1995 era Smilie PC running SCO OpenServer 5.0.0b and a discontinued Point of Sales (POS) software system.

I have a PC of the same make and model. The CPU runs faster and it has a CD-ROM instead of a tape drive.

I cloned the original hard drive on the clone's hard drive. The cloned hard drive in the original PC starts up and runs fine (yeah! Smilie). And the original hard drive in the original PC starts up and runs. Smilie

However, the cloned hard drive in the clone PC DOES NOT BOOT! Smilie

Fine, I took the original hard drive and put it in the clone PC and it DOES NOT BOOT EITHER! Smilie

In the clone machine all I get is the text "1962" on the monitor. No start up, no boot: prompt.

I found a reference to an error 1962 about invalid master boot record.

Do I need to take a close look at the clone hardware and find any differences?

Any other ideas?

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Old 09-19-2010
Oh yeah, a very close look. The MBR is fine working with the hardware in the original machine.

My first guess would be an issue with the hard disk controller and reading the boot sector.

How about listing the hardware in both and indicating the differences you see?
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Old 09-20-2010
Check the CMOS settings in both machines. Look to see if the hard disk parameters are the same in both. SCO systems should have the drive set in native mode.
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Old 09-27-2010
Data in transit

Thanks to both of you!

I'll collect the information and post to this thread.

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Old 09-27-2010
How about a hardware listing of both machines?

And the CMOS settings related to the hard drives on both machines?
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Old 10-04-2010
hardware for both

Yes, I was going to get the list for both.

Sheesh, I'd forgotten how much PC hardware has improved over the years. I've got some information, but the boot up sequence isn't showing details. I'm feeling like an archaeologist!


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