stage 1 boot failure: error loading hd (40)/boot

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Operating Systems SCO stage 1 boot failure: error loading hd (40)/boot
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Old 07-30-2010
stage 1 boot failure: error loading hd (40)/boot


SCO Unix 5.0.6 doesn't boot due to this problem:
not a directory
boot not found
cannot open
stage 1 boot failure: error loading hd (40)/boot

Knows someone howto solve it?
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Old 07-30-2010
If this message occurs while booting the native operating system then you have destroyed the active partition on the disk.
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Old 07-30-2010
The system was crashing completely and now it doesn't boot.

Is it any software to boot from CD to repair the MBR or Partition Table from SCO unix or howto read files from the SCO file system?
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Old 07-30-2010
The master boot block is probably intact, as the system knows which partition to try to boot.
I would get a new hard drive, install 5.0.6 on it, and then add the current drive as a second disk.
If this is a SCSI system don't forget to change the scsi id, and most scsi drives have a read only jumper, set it.
If it is an IDE system, then either make the drive a slave and add to the primary controller, or add to the secondary controller (depending where the CD drive is connected)
Use mkdev hd to add the drive, do NOT make any new filesystems when running divvy.
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Old 07-30-2010
Thx a lot,

Where can I download setup software of 5.0.6?

I cannot find a setup CD and cannot find under:

BTW is it any other way to read SCO file system instead of add the current drive as a second disk?
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Old 07-30-2010
Deeper doodoo.
The 5.0.6 Media kit is not available on SCO's web site.
Download the 5.0.7 CD, and install it. You can install it for a 30 day evaluation, then follow the instructions to add a second disk.
Once you have salvaged the data that you need from the old disk, you will have to decide what to do if you don't have a 5.0.6 media kit, and or license data.
5.0.7 includes the program 'cdrecord' which will allow you to create standard CD or DVD disks. You can write to dual layer DVD's (9.4GB) using an LG brand DVD writer that sells for about 25 dollars US.
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Old 07-31-2010
Thx, I've download OSR507V_hv_1.0.0Fe.iso, burned on CD, but the machine won't boot from this CD.
I cannot understand why, in the Bios Boot Order is CD on the top.
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