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SCO6: Upgrading nd: no intel gigabit drivers?

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Operating Systems SCO SCO6: Upgrading nd: no intel gigabit drivers?
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Old 10-15-2009
SCO6: Upgrading nd: no intel gigabit drivers?

I just (re)installed SCO6 here from scratch because I am hunting a problem. So, I installed it, then got the SCO OpenServer Release 6.0.0 Maintenance Pack 4 Device Drivers Supplement .iso and installed the nd package.

# mount -F cdfs /dev/cd0 /cd-rom
# pkgadd -d /cd-rom

Then elect the nd package

According to, it is supposed to come with drivers for the intel pro gigabit cards. Well, when I checked which drivers it had available for me to select, it did not show any intel pro gigabit cards. In fact, the list of available nic drivers did not change from what came in the install CD. Did I miss a step?
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Old 10-19-2009
Did you just install the nd package, and not MP$?

In any case, I've been running an Intel pro 1000 card since the day OSR 6 came out, before even MP1 was available. When I first booted OSR 6, I asked netconfig to find my card, and it did so, no problem.
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Old 10-26-2009
Yeah, I just installed the nd package; should I have installed the entire MP? I know one of the reasons pcishort does not see it is because I am running it in Virtual Box, which still has a few issues to be addressed. And that is what I am trying to get working. Smilie

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