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SCO UNIX Won't Boot

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Operating Systems SCO SCO UNIX Won't Boot
# 22  
Old 10-20-2009
# fdisk

1. Display Partition Table
2. Use Entire Disk for UNIX
3. Use Rest of Disk for UNIX
4. Create UNIX Partition
5. Activate Partition
6. Delete Partition
7. Create Partition

Enter your choice or 'q' to quit: 1

Current Hard Disk Drive: /dev/rhd00

| Partition | Status | Type | Start | End | Size |
| 1 | Active | UNIX | 1 | 130943 | 130943 |

Total disk size: 131072 tracks (129 reserved for masterboot and diagnostics)

I do have a backup for this. would extracting it to root fix the problem? Just did a #tar tvf /dev/rct0 on it & contained a full backup on all the filesystems. Would restoring it be a fix to it?

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Old 10-20-2009
#tar tvf /dev/rct0 >/tmp/tapelist
Examine the contents of tapelist and then decide whether to:
#tar xvf /dev/rct0 /u1
#tar xvf /dev/rct0 u1

In both cases this will create a directory in the root file system called u1.

Also you can check /etc/default/tar, in all likelihood, "tar tvf /dev/rct0" can be shortened to "tar tv8" where 8 is used to substitute the appropriate line from /etc/default/tar.

There will be no difference in system operation whether u1 is a directory or a file system, other than not having to mount a u1 file system.

If you need other files off the tape, create a directory called oldroot, and extract the tape into it, (check for absolute file names on the tape.)
Offhand you may want to look at /etc/passwd, to find the uid numbers, and add the users back the same way,
/usr/spool/lp/admins/lp/interfaces for code added to the printer models.
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Old 10-20-2009
I did the following:

#tar tvf /dev/rct0 ------this showed all the filesystems were backed up in full
#tar xvf /dev/rct0 / -----tried to run this hoping that when it restores root, it fixes my missing filesystem domain.

Dunno if I am doing it right, appreciate more inputs. Thanks
# 25  
Old 10-21-2009
You really don't want to restore from /. If you had problems at the point you did the backup you'll drag them back into your system.

You would be better served following JGT's advice and selectively restoring the /u1 (that was the one, wasn't it?) .

There may be a problem with JGT's advice about restoring stuff to /oldroot. It depends on how much space is left on root after u1 is pulled back in and how much is stored on the tape. Doing a full restore to oldroot is going to pull /u1 into oldroot too. You may need to do a partial restore to get just those things you may need.

I'll put in a plug here for backupedge or lonetar. They are a better backup method than tar due to verifications and reporting capabilities. I've used both but find lonetar's reporting to create more messages than I need.
# 26  
Old 10-21-2009
good point. anyways, i've discovered that the backups that i have were run by a script using lone tar software. i've already ordered from them awhile ago. my current contingencies:

1. re-install os, re-create filesystems.
2. increase partition size of root, swap & u1.
3. install lone tar & use a utility called airbag that is packaged with it to restore the last good bakup that I have.

or do this:
1. add a new disk & create a partition soley for u1.
2. restore using lone tar software.

my only hitch is as follows:
- I have no media, os licenses ( i guess & assume that restoring from backup will take care of this.
- I have no recovery/boot diskette's.

Am going for contingency no# 2 since I do not need any media.......
More inputs are highly appreciated.
# 27  
Old 10-21-2009
I would go for alternative 1 with a different hard drive. Cleaner in the long run. Media, patches, and license are resolvable. No need to diddle with the division sizes, they would automatically generate what you need.

That being said, you might post your hardware specs. It is easy to say what you should do, based on our experiences, but you may be locked into something that would preclude the actions we would take.
# 28  
Old 10-21-2009
here it is...reposting....

Originally Posted by jedimaster
jgt here are the outputs I got from what you asked.

#df -v
Mount Dir            Filesystem               Blocks                Used                 Free               %Used
/                       /dev/root                3373036             3298658            74378              98%  
/stand               /dev/boot                3373036             3298658            74378              98%
/u1                   /dev/u1                   3373036             3298658            74378              98%
dfspace:  not found
#uname -X
System = SCO_SV
Node = xxxxx 
Release = 3.2v5.0.5
KernelID = 98/07/02
Machine = Pentium II (D)
BusType = ISA
Serial = 2GA023210
Users = 2-User
OEM# = 0
Origin# = 1
Num Cpu = 2

Hope this info works. With regards to going to multi user, all I get is a hard hung state.

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