Visionfs printing Windows2003 printserver

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Operating Systems SCO Visionfs printing Windows2003 printserver
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Old 09-22-2009
Visionfs printing Windows2003 printserver


Our printserver is migrated from WIN2000 to a WIN2003 R SP2 server.

We have a Unix SCO_SV sco1 3.2 5.0.5 i386 printing is via SCO VisionFS 3.10.911. It worked with the old printserver.

I have completely no experience with visionfs.
What we did :
- created a new printer pr 89 on the new printserver (print testpage OK).
- created a user vfsprint pasword ABC123edf
- On sco created added a printer as follows :
./visionfs print --install pr89 pr89 --user vfsprint --password ABC123edf

Printer installed successfully ad accepting request.

Then I tried to print as follows :
./visonfs print // test.txt --user vfsprint --password ABC123edf

I put the password to prevent the prompting for the password. But this doesn't help, I was prompted for the password. Again and again. It doesn't take the password, so I need to do ctrl-C to stop it. SO I cannot print.

I heard that visionfs cannot handle this pasword algorithm of WIN2003?
If this is the case how can I solve this? I do know nothing about printing with a Unix and surely not via visionfs.
I need to solve this urgently, because now we cannot print for the moment.

Thanks for help
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Old 10-19-2009
This is straight out of the VFS manual:

A Windows 2000 server meringue shares a printer named color. If the UNIX
superuser types this:
visionfs print --install salesprinter meringue color
Then any UNIX user may print the file to \\meringue\color using this
lp -d salesprinter
The Windows 2000 server meringue must have a user account vfsprint, with
password vfsprint, and that account must have printing privileges, for
printing to succeed. Alternatively, the user may supply different credentials,
for example:
lp -d salesprinter -o user=rod -o passwd=hull

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