Very lot of systemcalls

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Operating Systems SCO Very lot of systemcalls
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Old 08-21-2009
Very lot of systemcalls

I have one system running SCO MP4, whitch has sometimes a lot of system calls /s :
23405 calls
    0 forks
    0 execs
 6067 reads
   78 writs
11975 Krwch

    0 pgins
    0 pgots
 5983 atchs
    0 pflts
  322 vflts

These values are found with the tool rtpm

Now SCO6 has dynamic kernelparameters and normally can't be changed.
But whitch parameter is responsible and are there any parameters that can be changed to increase the performance of the system.

The strangest thing is another SCO6 MP4 server works fine.
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Old 08-26-2009

why do you believe a large amount of system calls is a problem? A system call is just what its name implies - a request for the operating system to do something on behalf of the user's program.
The more busy your system is the more system calls you will see ...

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