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how can I create a dos file in sco unix?

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Operating Systems SCO how can I create a dos file in sco unix?
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how can I create a dos file in sco unix?

I want to output something to file1.
And I want to see it in windows xp
would you tell me how?
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If you create a file on SCO that is a text file, there is no problem. You can use ftp to copy it to an xp box. The format of a text file is different, but ftp knows this. You will probably need to run ftp on the xp box. One way... click start -> run. Type in "cmd" and hit enter to get a command window. cd to where you want the file to appear. Then type "ftp" or whatever host name you use. You need to enter your name and password. You will be in your home directory on the sco box. You can use cd to move elsewhere. Then just use "get file1 file1.txt". And then "bye". Renaming the file as I show makes it easier to open on xp.

For this to work you need to do an ascii transfer. That is the default, so don't type "binary" while in ftp.
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Sco Unix allows you to format your diskette in dos and also copy it.
All you need to do is type dosformat a: i.e formatting the diskette drive and also doscopy the files. However such file must be in text mode.

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