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Dump and restore command usage ??

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Dump and restore command usage ??
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Old 04-30-2008
Question Dump and restore command usage ??


I am using RHEL 4.0
I need to take backup of a directory and then restore it to some other location.

For taking Backup of final directory, I am using this code:

dump -0aj -f /home/vicky/final.dump /home/vicky/final/

Now, I am trying to restore this final.dump to some other directory, say /tmp/vv

When, I am using code
restore -rf final.dump /tmp/vv

I am getting these errors :-

[root@xxx tmp]# restore -rf final.dump /tmp/vv
Dump tape is compressed.
restore: ./home: File exists
restore: ./home/vicky: File exists
restore: ./home/vicky/final: File exists
[root@xxxx tmp]#

The final.dump is again trying to uncompress in /home/.

Pls help, I need to uncompress final.dump in some other location.

Thanks in adv.
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Old 05-01-2008
I'm not familiar with dump/restore (or rather, my familiarity is restricted to an old version of BSD where dump would always "dump" core on me when the first cartridge got full and I would have needeed to swap cartridges) but my impression is that these utilities are very little used. Could you use tar instead?
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Old 05-04-2008
hi era,

friend I need to use dump/restore command only. This is my boss's orders Smilie

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