I want to Learn Linux ?

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat I want to Learn Linux ?
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I want to Learn Linux ?

dear friends
I am new in linux and i want to learn linux in dos-mode (note in gui mode).
Plz if you have any valuable link plz send me . i will really thankful for this anticipation.

irfan ahmad

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Originally Posted by itlhr@pharmax.c
i want to learn linux in dos-mode
There is no "dos-mode" or "dos" involved. You are refering to terminal session.

What it sounds like you are asking is how to use the UNIX shell. UNIX has a number of command line interpreters called shells, eg sh, bash, csh, ksh, zsh etc.

the trival answer is type:

man sh

This site is the first thing that popped up in google...

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i want to learn linux in dos-mode

hi !!
ok !! i already say i am new for linux so you mention me some steps to how i can install this os for use. And also tell me how to create dual boot os.

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Be careful, installing Linux on a disk that already has data on it, might be dangerous if you don't know how, try Knoppix first before installing a distro on your hard disk, get familiar with it then chose a distro and install it.
Knoppix is a Linux which u can boot from CD or DVD, no installation required.
If you're using windows, you can download Virtual PC and install Linux on it, that way you won't need to have dual boot, and you can work in both OS at the same time.
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There are tons of tutorials, guides and whatnot here: http://www.tldp.org

Also, I have a very easy (to outline) 2 step course to teach you everything you'd ever want to know about linux:
1. Install DSL (Damn Small Linux) to your hard drive and build out a fully functional Gnome environment

2. Create an LFS system from your DSL installation: http://www.linuxfromscratch.org

That's it -simple. By the time you get done with this you'll know more than most sysadmins.

If you're trying to learn this in order to get a job, I'd suggest you install either Fedora or CentOS as most of the production Linux systems out there run RedHat (in my experience). The best resource to learn this specific distribution family would be the Fedora/RedHat Bible: http://www.amazon.com/Fedora-Red-Ent...054213-6635647
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