Installing RedHat 8.0 onto Dell PowerEdge SC1425 - hdc: status error: status = 0x58

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Installing RedHat 8.0 onto Dell PowerEdge SC1425 - hdc: status error: status = 0x58
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Old 07-11-2006
Question Installing RedHat 8.0 onto Dell PowerEdge SC1425 - hdc: status error: status = 0x58

I have successfully installed RedHat 8.0 onto a Dell PowerEdge SC1425 today. This server has two SATA hard drives, and an IDE DVD-ROM drive.

Using the following kernel parameters, i successfully installed across both hard drives from CD:

ide0=0x1f0,0x3f6,14 vga=791 resolution=1024x768 expert

However, since installation, the system no longer boots. I've tried appending the above parameters to the kernel line in grub, but is still doesn't boot.

It starts to boot, and everything looks fine, until it tries to remount the root fs in read/write mode, at which point it appears to hang.

There are several messages on screen, all of which are normal, except two instances of the following:

hdc: status error: status = 0x58

NOTE: For some reason, the two hard drives were picked up as hdc and hde, but it seemed to install OK.

If i boot up into rescue mode on the installation CD, i can mount the drives fine, and chroot into my newly built system, but it just won't boot up by itself.

Does anyone have any suggestions??

Thank you in advance! Smilie
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Old 07-11-2006
Maybe try insmod=ide-generic on the boot line, I remember someone having a similar problem here with a version of SuSE 9.
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Old 07-12-2006
just tried that... no luck.

was i correct to keep all the other kernel parameters? The parameters i tried were as follows:

root=/dev/hdc3 ide0=0x1f0,0x3f6,14 vga=791 resolution=1024x768 expert insmod=ide-generic

Was this the correct thing to do?
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Old 07-12-2006

do you really need to pass a kernel parameter??

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Old 07-12-2006
i've tried without, and it doesn't recognise the CD-ROM drive, so i can't actually install redhat! lol

with certain parameters i can get it to recognise *only* the CD-ROM drive, which means i have no hard drives to install onto, and with the parameters above, it recognises both, but it just won't boot properly after install.

As i think i said, it hangs during it's attempt to remount the root fs as read/write...
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Old 07-14-2006
Ok then,
plz define the /dev/hdc -> is it your CDROM?
and how about these 2 :ide0=0x1f0,0x3f6? both drives in 1 ide?
how about the SATA controller - correctly set?

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