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Issues installing inotify-tools on RedHat Linux

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No... this is not correct per IT security policy:

Originally Posted by Peasant


Other then that a simple squid proxy for couple of minutes should not be a security breach of any kind.
You can turn off the squid proxy and power off it after the action is completed.
There is also an option to tunnel via ssh.

Hope that helps
An employee cannot bypass security using a proxy at a major bank as an employee to bypass access controls set up by the bank without being in violation of internal bank policies.

mohtashims must follow his bank's IT security policies and not "turn on proxies" or do anything to bypass security without working with his supervisor and his IT security team to insure he has his organizations permission to do so.

When "you" are a system admin on a platform, you must follow company policy. If mohtashims does not have network access; he also may not have permission to install outside software.

I have worked as a system admin and also in IT security at a number of banks and other organizations with a similar risk management profile. Most of these organizations do not permit employees to go to the web, download and install tools from the Internet. This is why they block developers and system admins from access.

We are not here at to advise anyone to break their company IT security policies, directly or indirectly. We are here to advise them NOT to break their company rules and policies.

mohtashims should go to his IT security staff and his supervisor and find a way under banking IT security policies to install the software he wishes to install at his work.
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I did not mean not talking to anybody in security department and doing stuff in DIY mode Smilie
A simple proxy or tunnel for a one time operation should not classify as a security breach if communicated properly.

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Originally Posted by Peasant
I did not mean not talking to anybody in security department and doing stuff in DIY mode Smilie
A simple proxy or tunnel for a one time operation should not classify as a security breach if communicated properly.

Hi Peasant,

Thanks for clarifying.

Yes, you might not have meant for the OP to break IT security policy; but that is not what you typed in your reply, so hence my post. I must insure people here at not advising users to break their organizations IT security policy, either accidentally, indirectly, or on purpose.

As the forum admin, your reply read to me like you were advising the original poster to use a proxy briefly to download software from the Internet. You did not mention anything about coordinating or asking permission from his IT security manager or his supervisor at his bank.

We are not here to advise people who work at banks and other organizations (with high risk management profiles and tight access controls in place) how to bypass their internal IT security.

mohtashims can easily discuss his options with his management and IT security team. I am sure they have their own policies on how to deal with this; and they can help him, as they should.

I'm closing this thread before others start accidentally or purposely advising mohtashims how to breach his bank's IT security access controls and policies to download software from the Internet at his work.

It is my job here to make these calls since I'm the forum admin and have the overall responsibility to insure we are not assisting people to violate company policies.

The correct answer to mohtashims is "go talk to your boss and IT security team".

Thanks for understanding.
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