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Iscsiadm command returns error 'no records found'

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Iscsiadm command returns error 'no records found'
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Iscsiadm command returns error 'no records found'

Hi there, I'm currently working on an exercise to connect to a Windows iscsi target via a Red Hat initiator machine. I'm using Windows Server 2012 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux v7.1

I have created the target on the Windows Server box and the two devices can communicate with each other. Verified through ping. My instructions from the Red Hat machine are as follows;

Open a terminal window and enter the following command;
iscsiadm --mode discovery --type sendtargets --portal
[I first did this and the command returned nothing. I then invoked the sudo command and was able to get the target iqn, which is ""]

My next steps are to enter the following;
iscsiadm --mode node --targetname the_target_iqn --portal --login
[Unfortunately this just returns 'no records found']

I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing wrong. I have followed the instructions and made sure to check all the spacing and syntax. Although, it appears something isn't right.

Does anybody have any ideas?


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I was able to get this resolved by logging in as root, instead of using sudo from my user account.

I thought sudo invokes the root permissions, but perhaps not fully?
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We don't have crystal balls, time machines into the future or super Avenger mind reading powers here.

Everyone should post basic system information, such as your


file (on Linux)

when asking for help about why their sudo commands do not work as expected.
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My apologies. I'm new to the O/S. It's unfamiliar grounds to me. Hence why I'm working on the exercise above =)

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