How to solve TCP connection timeout (not in ssh)?

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Old 01-06-2019
How to solve TCP connection timeout (not in ssh)?


We have some Red Hat Linux Sevres which is having TCP connection timeout, not SSH connection, as an example oracle connection connected from TOD.

SSH i managed to add keepalive and it's working fine
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Old 01-06-2019
Linux has built-in support for TCP keepalive. You need procfs and sysctl support to be able to configure the kernel parameters at runtime.

The procedures involving TCP keepalive use three user-driven variables:


the interval between the last data packet sent (simple ACKs are not considered data) and the first keepalive probe; after the connection is marked to need keepalive, this counter is not used any further


the interval between subsequential keepalive probes, regardless of what the connection has exchanged in the meantime


the number of unacknowledged probes to send before considering the connection dead and notifying the application layer
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