KVM/Qemu allocated memory not showing in guest

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Old 12-07-2018
KVM/Qemu allocated memory not showing in guest

So we have a RHEL 7.6 workstation with 128 gigs of ram. The OS sees all the ram and 80 cors (40 HT)

We have 1 guest with 8 CPUs and 32gigs of ram running RHEL 7.6 workstation as well. We are trying to create another guest with 64 CPUs and 80 gigs of ram. We setup the system using virt-manager and PXE boot the system to install the OS.

All this goes without a hitch, but when we log in after the system is build with PXE and do a free -g it only shows 2 gigs instead of 80 gigs.

I have tried many variation of memory including 64gigs, but each time we try something above 32gigs, its only shows 2gigs.

Any ideas?

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