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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Boot Issues
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Boot Issues

I am installing Red Hat Linux 6.9 as a VM in Hyper-V on an HP laptop running Windows 10. After the install completes and the VM reboots, it gives me the message, "Detected CPU Family 6 model 142; Warning: Intel CPU model - this hardware has not undergone testing by Red Hat and might not be certified" (see screenshot). I also got this message when installing Red Hat Linux 6.7, but Linux booted up fine after getting that message. Now, with 6.9, after I get that message, I get a black screen with a funny looking bar across the top of it and then it just hangs (see screenshot). Anyone else experienced this issue or does anyone have any suggestions?
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Sounds like it is more of a Hyper-V problem than a Red-Hat issue.
It may well be that Hyper-V didn't support newer technology that
Red-Hat may have implemented at the time.

When running any guest OS through a hypervisor, you should try
the hypervisor forums first. This isn't a Windows 10 forum.
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