Different connection status between 2 servers

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Different connection status between 2 servers
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Different connection status between 2 servers

Hello All,

Actually, We have a problem in our server (RHEL 7.1), 1st server is used for payment apps like switch card payment (passthru only), and 2nd server is used for Database transaction.
When high transaction there is different connection between Apps Server and DB server, Apps Server sends connection to DB Server, but sometimes thats connection not ESTABLISHED like low traffic (I checked thru netstat in 2 servers). I have changed value Local_port range, and fin_timeout but it wasnt solve this problem, and I think my current kernel needs to update kernel to latest or stable version to solve this.
current kernel : 3.10.0-229.e17.x86_64

Please give me suggest about our this connection problem.

Thank you
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Vend::Payment::TCLink(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				Vend::Payment::TCLink(3pm)

Vend::Payment::TCLink - Interchange TrustCommerce Support SYNOPSIS
&charge=trustcommerce or [charge mode=trustcommerce param1=value1 param2=value2] PREREQUISITES
Net::TCLink http://www.trustcommerce.com/tclink.html and CPAN both have this module, which actually does the bulk of the work. All that Vend::Payment::TCLink does is to massage the payment data between Interchange and Net::TCLink. DESCRIPTION
The Vend::Payment::TCLink module implements the trustcommerce() routine for use with Interchange. It is compatible on a call level with the other Interchange payment modules. To enable this module, place this directive in "interchange.cfg": Require module Vend::Payment::TCLink This must be in interchange.cfg or a file included from it. Make sure CreditCardAuto is off (default in Interchange demos). The mode can be named anything, but the "gateway" parameter must be set to "trustcommerce". To make it the default payment gateway for all credit card transactions in a specific catalog, you can set in "catalog.cfg": Variable MV_PAYMENT_MODE trustcommerce It uses several of the standard settings from Interchange payment. Any time we speak of a setting, it is obtained either first from the tag/call options, then from an Interchange order Route named for the mode, then finally a default global payment variable, For example, the "id" parameter would be specified by: [charge mode=trustcommerce id=YourTrustCommerceID] or Route trustcommerce id YourTrustCommerceID or Variable TRUSTCOMMERCE_ID YourTrustCommerceID The active settings are: id Your TrustCommerce customer ID, supplied by TrustCommerce when you sign up. Global parameter is TRUSTCOMMERCE_ID. secret Your TrustCommerce customer password, supplied by TrustCommerce when you sign up. Global parameter is TRUSTCOMMERCE_SECRET. transaction The type of transaction to be run. Valid values are: Interchange TrustCommerce ---------------- ----------------- auth preauth return credit sale sale settle postauth Global parameter is TRUSTCOMMERCE_ACTION. avs Whether AVS (Address Verification System) is enabled. Valid values are "y" for enabled and "n" for disabled. Global parameter is TRUSTCOMMERCE_AVS. remap This remaps the form variable names to the ones needed by TrustCommerce. See the "Payment Settings" heading in the Interchange documentation for use. test Set this to "TRUE" if you wish to operate in test mode, i.e. set the TrustCommerce "demo" query paramter to TRUE. Examples: Route trustcommerce test TRUE or Variable TRUSTCOMMERCE_TEST TRUE or [charge mode=trustcommerce test=TRUE] Troubleshooting Try the instructions above, then enable test mode. A test order should complete. Disable test mode, then test in various TrustCommerce error modes by using the credit card number 4222 2222 2222 2222. Then try a sale with the card number "4111 1111 1111 1111" and a valid expiration date. The sale should be denied, and the reason should be in [data session payment_error]. If nothing works: o Make sure you "Require"d the module in interchange.cfg: Require module Vend::Payment::TrustCommerce o Make sure Net::TCLink is installed and working. You can test to see whether your Perl thinks they are: perl -MNet::TCLink -e 'print "It works. "' If it "It works." and returns to the prompt you should be OK (presuming they are in working order otherwise). o Check the error logs, both catalog and global. o Make sure you set your payment parameters properly. o Try an order, then put this code in a page: <XMP> [calc] my $string = $Tag->uneval( { ref => $Session->{payment_result} }); $string =~ s/{/{ /; $string =~ s/,/, /g; return $string; [/calc] </XMP> That should show what happened. o If all else fails, TrustCommerce consultants are available to help you out. See http://www.trustcommerce.com/contact.html for more information, or email developer@trustcommerce.com BUGS
There is actually nothing *in* Vend::Payment::TrustCommerce. It changes packages to Vend::Payment and places things there. AUTHORS
Dan Helfman <dan@trustcommerce.com>, based on code by Mark Stosberg <mark@summersault.com>, which was based on original code by Mike Heins. CREDITS
webmaster@nameastar.net Jeff Nappi <brage@cyberhighway.net> Paul Delys <paul@gi.alaska.edu> perl v5.14.2 2011-03-09 Vend::Payment::TCLink(3pm)

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