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Install RHEL 7 on unsupported HP Smart Array (P400)

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Install RHEL 7 on unsupported HP Smart Array (P400)

Hello community, after hours (days) spent to understand what's the problem reported also in the following thread: Can't boot RHEL7.2 due to "Start Job is Running"
I realize that the problem is the server itself. I opened a new thread since the issue in not related to the previous at all.

As per the following release note:
Chapter 25. Kernel - Red Hat Customer Portal

Smart Array P400 (the one mounted on my DL385G2 server) is not longer supported. So I tried to install RHEL 7.2 Enterprise Server directly on my Server, and the result is that it can't recognize the disks at all because the hpsa driver doesn't support it...

Anyone know if there is a workaround for that? I have only this sever, and I absolutely need to install RHEL7 due to software compatibility (I have to install a custom software).

Thank you
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I think your only option is to try the hpsa driver's backward compatibility option:

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If that doesn't work, I don't know what will.
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Thank you for response, but I already tried this solution without success... Well, after 2 days of headaches Smilie I finally solved the issue. I report the solution there in case someone need it.

First download the following ISO:
It contains the kmod-cciss (modified kernel with old cciss driver). Then, this is the procedure:

- Write the ISO with kmod to a USB Key (with linux using dd or in Windows using utilities like USBIMG)
- Burn RHEL7.x ISO and boot from there
-At the very first screen, the one with the options to Install, Check disk and Troubleshoot etc.. hit ESC
-insert the USB memory stick in a USB port;
-you will get a prompt; type here "linux dd" without the quotes, hit enter and wait a while;
-select your USB drive, which probably will be "sdb"
-next select the driver by pressing "1";
-press "c (continue)" and now it will tell you that it is loading the driver;
-you will get back to to the drive list just press "c" one more time;
-the installer will start, and you will get your disks on RHEL installer

After installation we are able to start RHEL7 without issue on old Smart Array. The credit goes to a guy from centos forum, but I loose the page :/
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