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Can't boot RHEL7.2 due to "Start Job is Running"

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Can't boot RHEL7.2 due to "Start Job is Running"

Dear community, as already done tons of times, I prepare the RedHat installation on VMWare, then clone it with clonezilla, and finally restore it on final server. Due to different hrdware, I have to boot from rhel-server-7.4-x86_64-boot.iso cd and rewrite the initramfs that contains the hardware info, otherwise the cloned installation doesn't start due to "Start Job is Running" loop.

This time the boot CD can't recognize the RedHat installation (I'm on HP Proliant DL385G2) and also can't enumerate all the disks. Maybe due to missing drivers:


Well, now I'm kicked off from the systemdue to the following error during boot:

At this point I don't have any idea on how I can access the RHEL7 installation to rewrite initramfs, could someone advise?

Thank you
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Does the HP box have support for IOMMU (in the bios)?

AFAIR, if so, you either need to switch it off (in the bios) or if you are on a virtualised platform you need to inform the booting RHEL of its existence.

Kernel needs to be fed with parameters:

amd_iommo=on iommu=pt


intel_iommo=on iommu=pt

the latter telling it to passthrough 'pt'.

Appendix G. Configuring a Host for PCI Passthrough - Red Hat Customer Portal

I recognize that this may not be your issue but I certainly remember the HP Proliants supporting IOMMU have no chance of booting RHEL 7.4 without tweaking.

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Question: Is it RHEL 7.2 (as in your thread title) or RHEL 7.4 (as in your post#1)???
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Originally Posted by hicksd8
Question: Is it RHEL 7.2 (as in your thread title) or RHEL 7.4 (as in your post#1)???
You're right, my typo. Installation is RHEL 7.2 Enterprise, and I tried to boot from rhel-server-7.2-x86_64-boot.iso (not 7.4) CD. But I don't know why the rescue mode from boot cd can't see any linux paritions nor local disks.
I can access grub> menu, I don't know if this can help

@hicksd8: Previously on this DL385G2 there was already installed RHEL 5, I don't think there is issue on RHEL 7.x

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