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Move a LUN from one server to the other

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Old Unix and Linux 02-19-2018   -   Original Discussion by fretagi
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Is the whole volume group on the one LUN?
Is the LUN sliced?

This is probably one for vgimport, but can you show us the output from fdisk -l /dev/sdb, or whatever it has appeared as?

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Old Unix and Linux 02-19-2018   -   Original Discussion by fretagi
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The NetApp administrator should be able to tell you if there is any I/O on the LUN, if there is I/O you'll have to find out which server already has the disk access. Otherwise if this was a LUN that was setup using LVM - you will have to export it from one server, import it on the other server and then grow the volumes to the required configuration.

But remember;

If the LUN is already mounted on one server, forcing a mount on an other server - will be bad for the disks health and possibly your future job prospects - depending what's on the LUN.

If this is any kind of HA solution, the LUN will be visible in the service groups and it may have to be scanned from inside the service group.

If this is a NEW LUN and is assigned to a server as /dev/sdb, then you should be able to use the standard admin processes to pull the disk in and use it.

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