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Strace rpm requirement for RHEL 5.9

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Strace rpm requirement for RHEL 5.9

I have requirement for

rpm package for RHEL 5.9

. I have made a google for last 1 hr. but did not find the required one. Can any one help me out to find out the compatible rpm package of strace for Redhat 5.9 version (I require 64 bit version).
# 4  
Centos packages might work but are unsupported/discouraged.
Do you have yum working?
yum search strace

# 5  
I got the package from the RHEL 5.9 ISO. I have copied the strace package manually and install the same through
yum install strace

Can you give me some deference from where I can get information on how to debug through strace utility.
# 6  
How can I redirect >>strace -t -p $PID to a file. I was using the following command but it did not work.
>>strace -t -p $PID 2>&1 /abcd/pqrst/output.txt

Last edited by Scott; 11-06-2017 at 06:56 AM.. Reason: Code tags
# 7  
You duplicate stderr from the stdout file descriptor, but you don't redirect stdout.
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