Unable to get a Xterm or X app to appear under a Linux Gnome Desktop

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Unable to get a Xterm or X app to appear under a Linux Gnome Desktop
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Old 09-22-2017
Unable to get a Xterm or X app to appear under a Linux Gnome Desktop

I want to have a xterm or xapplication from a Solaris client to appear on my RHEL Server running GNOME desktop. It may sound easy at first but, I have done the basics and I be stuck.

Have Tried:
Linux - logged in as root, open a Terminal and did a echo $DISPLAY and it reports back :0.0
I run xhost + to permit remote hosts to display to it.
I am on workspace 0. I have tried workspace 1 as well, same results.

On my Solaris host, I opened a Putty Terminal vi ssh to the host. Login as root (for this test).
I run export DISPLAY=<Linux_ip>:0.0
I echod $DISPLAY and see DISPLAY=<Linux_ip:0.0>. Then I run, simple test /usr/bin/xterm. I get back cannot open DISPLAY.
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Old 09-22-2017
Did you use ssh with -X option (or any option relating to DISPLAY exporting, depending on your platform & ssh version) ?
Did you enable all corresponding X11 forwarding stuff ?
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Old 09-22-2017
Is your linux machine accessible from the solaris host? Is there any sort of firewall inbetween or on the linux host itself?
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Old 09-22-2017
Originally Posted by mrmurdock
I run export DISPLAY=<Linux_ip>:0.0
I echod $DISPLAY and see DISPLAY=<Linux_ip:0.0>. Then I run, simple test /usr/bin/xterm. I get back cannot open DISPLAY.
Just to check you don't mean there's literally < > symbols in it, right? It should just be Linux_ip:0.0
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Old 09-22-2017
Corona688, I get use to add the dang <> like documentation, but yes I only used Linux_ip:0.0 (

Yes they are on the same network segment/subnet, with no firewall between them. I have selinux turned off on the Linux host, and have iptables and iptablesv6 disabled as well.

Not sure about the other post, as to why and where I would use ssh -X at and where to set the X11 forwarding stuff as well.
I can get xeyes, xlogo, xclock to appear on a PC running a xserver (xming, xceed, WRQ reflections,etc) from the same Solaris Host.
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Old 09-22-2017
Ah, x.org usually has TCP disabled globally these days. To allow it to the extent that xhost will do anything, you need to run X with the -listen tcp option.
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Old 09-22-2017
wasn't sure how to run X with the -listen option on the Linux host, so I tried from the Linux terminal
Linux:root># ssh -X -l oracle and ran the X app needed and it appeared on my Linux DT.
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