Script taking more time to send report to mail

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Script taking more time to send report to mail
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Script taking more time to send report to mail


I schedule a script on linux server and it is taking more time say "30 minutes" to send the report via mail.

Could you please suggest a way to speed up sending report to mail?

OS version -- Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.5 (Santiago)

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This lacks a lot of information to increase the chance for a helpful statement.
What is the script doing but sending a mail?
What means "more"? What was "before", ie. what changed?
If this script is just sending a mail, maybe stop bit coin mining on that box to reduce the performance bottleneck Smilie

If the script is performing several steps, identify the slow ones by writing a logfile with timestamps to get a clue what takes so long.

If the script is doing SQL-Statements like in your former posts, contact a DBA and check with him/her, what is going wrong/slow. Maybe some tables/indices etc. changed or resources like CPU/RAM/Storage/Network have been reduced/slowed or someone else is using the host the script is running on, or a possible DB-server extensively.
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Your question needs help if you want an answer that will help you.

1. Is this 'long time to process' a new thing?
2. What exactly does the script do?
  runs sqlldr to load 100000 rows into an oracle db

I had to make up stuff just to ask a question.
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