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Corresponding Spacewalk/Satellite versions?

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Corresponding Spacewalk/Satellite versions?
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Old 01-12-2017
Corresponding Spacewalk/Satellite versions?

Can anyone point me towards a list that shows which Satellite versions roughly align with which Spacewalk versions, in terms of functionality?

Thanks in advance,
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Old 03-08-2017
it seems satelite 5 and new one 6.2 has too many functionality
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Old 03-08-2017
Hey Guys... Google does not help you?

If I Google your query, it's easy to see the answer:

Spacewalk (software) - Wikipedia

Is this not the answer you seek?

From wiki .....

Red Hat Satellite 5
Red Hat Satellite 5 is a licensed downstream adaption of Spacewalk with added functionality to manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux Subscriptions.
In the active years of the Red Hat Satellite 5 lifecycle Spacewalk was simply known as the upstream project for Satellite. The relationship between Spacewalk and Red Hat Satellite 5 was analogous to the relationship between Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. With the emergence of Red Hat Satellite 6 with based on a fundamentally different toolset, end of lifecycle phase of Red Hat Satellite 5 and the emergence of downstream spacewalk based offerings from Oracle and SUSE newer versions of Spacewalk may not have this close relationship.
As of 2017 Red Hat Satellite 5 is in long-term support mode with a current EOL date of January 31, 2020.[20]
Of course, the unix.com forums appreciates all your posts and queries, but please try to at least search a "little bit" before asking questions. Thanks!
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