[HA] Red Hat 7, pacemaker and start/stop scripts

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat [HA] Red Hat 7, pacemaker and start/stop scripts
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[HA] Red Hat 7, pacemaker and start/stop scripts

Hi there,

I am wondering if I could add start/stop ksh scripts provided by 3rd party to cluster... I read that script must be ocf/lsb compliant, however, in AIX I can just set up two separate scripts for starting and stopping application. Can similar be done under RH Linux cluster?


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Welcome cyjan,

I had some success searching for Red Hat Cluster Custom Script

I don't see why you cannot create your own code and call it in, but you need to be very aware of all the possible failures, however as you seem to have done this on AIX, I assume you are practised at this.

Kind regards,
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