PaceMaker Cluster Fence Device

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat PaceMaker Cluster Fence Device
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PaceMaker Cluster Fence Device

I have 2 VM's setup with a shared VMware disk running RHEL 7.1 (just updated to 7.2 with yum update), and would like to know what is the easiest Fence device to implement for testing purposes. Apparently, I need a fence device before my IP resources will come online.

I have the cluster installed and basic setup. since they took away my quorum disk (qdiskd) usage, what do I rely on for quorum?
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You need to use whichever fence device is appropriate, not look for easiest. By your question, I'm guessing that you may not understand what the fence device is. Pacemaker needs to be able to force reboot nodes to prevent a situation where a node or nodes lose contact with one another and multiple hosts attempt to start the same services. Your fence device can be an HP ILO, a Dell DRAC, and Cisco UCS Manager, VMWare vsphere, rhevm, etc. It needs to be something that can force control the power of your system from outside of the system itself.

In your case, you should probably use fence_vmware_soap, which is provided by the fence-agents-vmware-soap.x86_64 package.
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