Questions about running local YUM server

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Questions about running local YUM server
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RedHat Questions about running local YUM server

Im building a local yum server to update a handful of RHEL6 and RHEL7 servers, I'll be sharing out these updates via a local http webserver but I have a few questions.

1) it seem I am only able to download RHEL6 patches from a RHEL6 box and 7 patches from a 7 box which would mean I would have to dedicate 2 target servers for yum, this seems like a waste. My question is can I just setup a RHEL 7 box to download both 6 and 7 patches and server them from /rh6 and /rh7 directories on the webserver?

2) on a few of my servers even though /etc/yum.repos.d only contain files that point to my local repo, some of my boxes still reach out to the internet and pull stuff from "@rhel-6-server-rpms". Once it does this it will put an empty file called redhat.repo back in /etc/yum.repos.d is there anyway to prevent this? I've tried disabling that repo but that didnt work.

Any other tips you can share about running a local YUM to centralize your patching?
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Have you looked at Spacewalk? It the free version of Red Hat Satellite.
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