How to set the screensaver timeout on Red Hat?

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat How to set the screensaver timeout on Red Hat?
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Old 06-18-2015
How to set the screensaver timeout on Red Hat?

How is it possible to set the screensaver timeout on red hat.

For solaris I understand it is :

for file in /usr/dt/config/*/sys.resources; do
dir=`dirname $file | sed s/usr/etc/`
mkdir -p $dir
echo 'dtsession*saverTimeout: 10' >>$dir/sys.resources
echo 'dtsession*lockTimeout: 10' >>$dir/sys.resources
chown root:sys $dir/sys.resources
chmod 444 $dir/sys.resources

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XDG-SCREENSAVER(1)					      xdg-screensaver Manual						XDG-SCREENSAVER(1)

xdg-screensaver - command line tool for controlling the screensaver SYNOPSIS
xdg-screensaver suspend WindowID xdg-screensaver resume WindowID xdg-screensaver {activate | lock | reset | status} xdg-screensaver {--help | --manual | --version} DESCRIPTION
xdg-screensaver provides commands to control the screensaver. xdg-screensaver is for use inside a desktop session only. It is not recommended to use xdg-screensaver as root. COMMANDS
suspend WindowID Suspends the screensaver and monitor power management. WindowID must be the X Window ID of an existing window of the calling application. The window must remain in existence for the duration of the suspension. WindowID can be represented as either a decimal number or as a hexadecimal number consisting of the prefix 0x followed by one or more hexadecimal digits. The screensaver can be suspended in relation to multiple windows at the same time. In that case screensaver operation is only restored once the screensaver has been resumed in relation to each of the windows resume WindowID Resume the screensaver and monitor power management after being suspended. WindowID must be the same X Window ID that was passed to a previous call of xdg-screensaver suspend activate Turns the screensaver on immediately. This may result in the screen getting locked, depending on existing system policies. lock Lock the screen immediately. reset Turns the screensaver off immediately. If the screen was locked the user may be asked to authenticate first. status Prints enabled to stdout if the screensaver is enabled to turn on after a period of inactivity and prints disabled if the screensaver is not enabled. OPTIONS
--help Show command synopsis. --manual Show this manual page. --version Show the xdg-utils version information. EXIT CODES
An exit code of 0 indicates success while a non-zero exit code indicates failure. The following failure codes can be returned: 1 Error in command line syntax. 3 A required tool could not be found. 4 The action failed. EXAMPLES
xdg-screensaver suspend 0x1c00007 Causes the screensaver to be disabled till xdg-screensaver resume 0x1c00007 is called. 0x1c00007 must be the X Window ID of an existing window. AUTHOR
Bryce Harrington Author. COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2006 xdg-utils 1.0 06/10/2014 XDG-SCREENSAVER(1)

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