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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Failed to su to user
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Old 06-16-2015
Failed to su to user

I am unable to su to functional user, though changed the soft-hard limit for open files in limits.conf.
The following command did not help.
ulimit -n <value>

While su to user, the error I am getting is -
su: cannot set user id: Resource temporarily unavailable

Whether I need to restart the application to get the limit effected for the functional user ?

Please help

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Old 06-16-2015
Hello atanubanerji,

This issue can happen if the user's process-run-limit is reached. The process limit can be increased by editing: /etc/security/limits.conf file with a user having root permission. The entry to check will be similar to, an example:
 *          hard     nproc         100

No need to restart any services.

R. Singh
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