NFS share and groups

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Old 03-02-2015
NFS share and groups

I am having an issue with getting the proper group settings on NFS-shared directories.
NFS server, NFServe, nfs-shares hundreds of project directories...running Solaris 10 latest patches/updates.
SAS server, SAServe, statistical analysis server running on RedHat 7 with latest kernel/patches/etc.

NFServe uses ancient Sun Directory Server for LDAP.
SAServe uses Active Directory on win2008r2. UIDs and GIDs set up matching on LDAP/Unix/AD (so if you are group ibex GID 5005 on LDAP, you are group 5005 on AD).

NFServe also nfs-shares project directories to an old SAS server also running Solaris 10 and all groups are correct.

On SAServe, all but six of the nfs-shared directories show the proper groups. However, on six of them, the group is nobody.

Does anyone have any suggestions where to look? I can't find the problem, and I can't find anything that makes these groups/directories unique.
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Old 03-02-2015
If I do an ls -l listing of the nfs-shared directories on the sas server they should show owner:group something like this
drwxrwx---     jbrown   dev       patches
drwxrws---     ssmith    prod     real_work


However, on six of several hundred directories (which have the correct group), it shows:

drwxrwx---   jbrown  nobody   document_files

when it should be:
drwxrwx---    jbrown  hrdept   document_files

So the problem is that the document_files directory, which should be jbrown:hrdept (and that's the way it is on the nfsserver) is showing up as jbrown:nobody and the only one who can access it is jbrown.

When I google this, I find instances where ALL directories are set to the group nobody, but I can't find anyone else who has just a couple set to nobody and all the others set properly.

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Old 03-02-2015
Go to each the directories and run df .
It gives you the export path on the NFS server.
A quick comparison is done with the inode number: ls -lid .
If they *are* identical then there is a problem with different GID-group mapping.
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Old 03-02-2015
I'm not sure that is clear, but

[root@srv-sas-01 acrn]# ls -lid .
7 drwxrwx--x 51 jsmith nobody 66 Oct 24 07:24 .

root@fs  # ls -lid .
7 drwxrwx--x  51 jsmith prod     66 Oct 24 07:24 .

The share point is the top level, /projects and all of the directories fall beneath that.

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Old 03-02-2015
Ok, the inodes are identical.
Then you have different GID-group mapping.
ls -lin

shows UID GID. On each system map to group names with
getent group <GID>

On the system that is wrong,
how is group defined in nsswitch.conf?
grep group: /etc/nsswitch.conf

Do you have nscd running?
pgrep nscd && grep group /etc/nscd.conf

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Old 03-02-2015
I may be running afoul of the fact that unix can have the same name for a user and a group whereas that is not permitted in Active Directory. But that doesn't explain all of the cases.

Related to the nsswitch.conf question, obviously, on the nfsserver groups is files ldap and on the RH7 machine it's files sss.

Neither system runs nscd (solaris or rh). I inherited the S10 system, so I don't know why it was set up that way. I believe there are some reported issues running NSCD in conjunction with AD on RH, but I'd have to go back and re-research that.
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