Dual boot (Booting Windows from Linux MBR)

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Dual boot (Booting Windows from Linux MBR)
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Dual boot (Booting Windows from Linux MBR)

Hi ,
I have two disk installed with Linux(disk 1) and WinXP(disk 2) .Now i am changing Hardisk jumbper manualy to get in to Linux/Windows .I want to configure my REDHAT linux boot manager to list Linux and WindowXP and wanna boot according to my choice .

Here is what my fdisk -l shows (Only relevant infos are pasted here )

/dev/hda1 boot LINUX

/dev/hdb1 boot WINXP

I configured grub.conf in follwoing way and gets these errors .

rootnoverify (1,0)
error:Unrecognised device string

rootnoverify (1,1)
error:Unrecognised device string

rootnoverify (hdb1,0)
Error:error while parsing number

rootnoverify (hd1,0)
error:selected disk does not exist

I am only getting title Windows XP in linux grub boot manager .Coudl some one provide me suitable entry for rootnoverify () ??? Please help.
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Mine shows the following and it works (for Windows):

rootnoverify (hd0,0)
chainloader +1

You showed rootnoverify (hd1,0) - it should work (unless the system doesn't 'see' the disk which seems to be the error you have).

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the windows disk should be jumpered as slave to the linux one, this will cause errors.

a lot of people will tell you to mount it in linux, but that's irrelevant since it's not linux doing things with the second drive, it's grub.

was windows isntalled on that HD when it was the only or master drive? if that's the case, then it's going to affect where windows sees tiself as installed at.
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