Copying data from USB CD Drive.

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Copying data from USB CD Drive.

I need to perform operation as captioned.

I found out USB CD Drive is attached, by running 'lsusb' command.

I am trying to identify mechanism by which I could mount this USB CD drive to disk. After which I expect to copy the contents.

Could anyone indicate how this could be performed ?
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Hi Videsh,

The command you'll probably be looking for is;

mount -t auto /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom

Or something similar, if it's an external device - check if it's there using
df -k

If not it may be simpler to unplug it and re-attach it and let the automounter take cate of it.


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I have tried -
mount -t auto /dev/sr0 /cdrom

It is giving me an error of wrong fstype, bad option, missing code type.

This CD Rom consists data copied from Windows env. This consists installables to be tried on the linux environment.

I have tried options with -t as; vfat

Could someone indicate which filesystem type I should choose ?

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If you have parted available, try running it against the device to see if it can recognize the filesystem type.

parted -l /dev/sr0

If not, perhaps fdisk may work as well:

fdisk -l /dev/sr0

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