Postfix: emails addressed to multiple smart hosts

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Postfix: emails addressed to multiple smart hosts
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Old 02-17-2014
RedHat Postfix: emails addressed to multiple smart hosts


I am in process of setting up a SMTP server on RHEL 6 using Postfix.

I am stuck at one point so any help would be appreciated.

I have configured my xsender to use this new SMTP server as its mail server.

If I send any emails addressed TO the SMTP server should use the DNS MX record and forward that email.

If I send any email to any domain APART from the SMTP server should use "" as its Relay Host which is an Iron port device.

Basically I do not want any email going internally to organization to hit my Ironport Device ""

How is this possible using postfix?
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DNSBLOG(8)						      System Manager's Manual							DNSBLOG(8)

dnsblog - Postfix DNS white/blacklist logger SYNOPSIS
dnsblog [generic Postfix daemon options] DESCRIPTION
The dnsblog(8) server implements an ad-hoc DNS white/blacklist lookup service. This may eventually be replaced by an UDP client that is built directly into the postscreen(8) server. PROTOCOL
With each connection, the dnsblog(8) server receives a DNS white/blacklist domain name, IP address, and an ID. If the address is listed under the DNS white/blacklist, the dnsblog(8) server logs the match and replies with the query arguments plus an address list with the resulting IP addresses separated by whitespace. Otherwise it replies with the query arguments plus an empty address list. Finally, The dnsblog(8) server closes the connection. DIAGNOSTICS
Problems and transactions are logged to syslogd(8). CONFIGURATION PARAMETERS
Changes to are picked up automatically, as dnsblog(8) processes run for only a limited amount of time. Use the command "postfix reload" to speed up a change. The text below provides only a parameter summary. See postconf(5) for more details including examples. config_directory (see 'postconf -d' output) The default location of the Postfix and configuration files. daemon_timeout (18000s) How much time a Postfix daemon process may take to handle a request before it is terminated by a built-in watchdog timer. postscreen_dnsbl_sites (empty) Optional list of DNS white/blacklist domains, filters and weight factors. ipc_timeout (3600s) The time limit for sending or receiving information over an internal communication channel. process_id (read-only) The process ID of a Postfix command or daemon process. process_name (read-only) The process name of a Postfix command or daemon process. queue_directory (see 'postconf -d' output) The location of the Postfix top-level queue directory. syslog_facility (mail) The syslog facility of Postfix logging. syslog_name (see 'postconf -d' output) The mail system name that is prepended to the process name in syslog records, so that "smtpd" becomes, for example, "postfix/smtpd". SEE ALSO
smtpd(8), Postfix SMTP server postconf(5), configuration parameters syslogd(5), system logging LICENSE
The Secure Mailer license must be distributed with this software. HISTORY
This service was introduced with Postfix version 2.8. AUTHOR(S) Wietse Venema IBM T.J. Watson Research P.O. Box 704 Yorktown Heights, NY 10598, USA DNSBLOG(8)