Dot matrix Printer configuring on Linux RHEL AS 5.1

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Dot matrix Printer configuring on Linux RHEL AS 5.1
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Dot matrix Printer configuring on Linux RHEL AS 5.1

Dear Experts,

We have requirement to configure Dot matrix printer in linux, Also need to register in Oracle application R12.0.6 version where i need get the print in landscape format.

Request you all kindly help on the same.

Thank you,

---------- Post updated 02-18-14 at 01:02 AM ---------- Previous update was 02-17-14 at 02:51 AM ----------

lpr: Error - unable to access "landscape" - No such file or directory
APP-FND-00500: AFPPRN received a return code of failure from routine FDUPRN. Program exited with status 1

Cause: AFPPRN received a return code of failure from the OSD routine FDUPRN. Program exited with status 1.

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Dear Alone,

Do you think it might help if you actually tell everyone the model of the attached printer too?

The command you are executing is also probably useful as that is rejecting the "landscape" option you think you are setting. My guess is that your command is incorrectly formed and it is looking for an input file.

Thanks, in advance,
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Thanks Robin for update,
I've register the printer in linux server and also in oracle application, in Linux registered successfully and also checked the test print potrait and landscape..And also i have registered in oracle apps rest of all printer are working fine except this epson printer landscape print is not happening its printing in Potrait.

Hope you got my point, Looking forward for helping Ans.

Thank you,
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So if you are happy that the printer itself is working properly, perhaps if you post the command that is failing, you might get some assistance.
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Sure, Please find the command which is used in oracle apps driver..


Thank you,
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This doesn't really give us much as it is all variables.

Can you copy the line and edit it to do this:-

..... and paste the whole output from that section?
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Sorry, how can i do this any hint?
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