Can all files under /tmp be safely removed

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Can all files under /tmp be safely removed
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Old 01-31-2014
Can all files under /tmp be safely removed

I wanted to know whether all files under /tmp can be safely removed. I guess that /tmp may also have temporary files for applications currently being worked on, so at the most those applications may just shut down.

I hope that my question is clear whether all files under /tmp can be safely removed.

Please revert with the reply to my query.

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Old 01-31-2014
Usually cleaning up /tmp is done at (shutdown or) reboot time... to avoid embarasing situations... So "All" files isnt a good idea at all...
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Old 01-31-2014
As an addendum to vbe's reply...

Short answer - No!

If however you know EXACTLY what the temporary files are, and, are for, then you can
delete those particular temporary files at your leisure.
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Old 01-31-2014
RedHat has a tool "tmpwatch" for a relative safe cleaning.
rpm -q tmpwatch
ls -l /etc/cron.daily/tmpwatch
file /etc/cron.daily/tmpwatch

The script has hard-coded 10 days for /tmp. You can change to e.g. 1 day.
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Old 02-01-2014
Thanks for your reply. I was wondering why I did not receive the mail notification for your reply.
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Old 02-01-2014
From which reply? You only get notified once for each subscribed thread until you visit the forums again.
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