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DM multipath :iscsi lun shows by diff names on two server where its exported

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat DM multipath :iscsi lun shows by diff names on two server where its exported
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Old 11-03-2013
DM multipath :iscsi lun shows by diff names on two server where its exported


I am trying to setup multipathing (using DM multipath) for a redhat cluster setup ...all setup is done but issue is :

node 1 shows the shared iscsi lun as sdc
node 2 shows the same as sdg (changes on reboots)

Due to this (i guess) i get i/o error & i can not read files created by other node. eg

[root@rh600 Packages]# cd /var/www/html/
[root@rh600 html]# ls
ls: cannot access index.html: Input/output error
index.html  lost+found  test
[root@rh600 html]#
[root@rh500 html]# ls -l
ls: cannot access index.html: Input/output error
total 13
-????????? ? ?    ?        ?            ? index.html
drwxrwxrwx 2 root root 12288 Nov  2 21:32 lost+found
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root     5 Nov  2 21:39 test
[root@rh500 html]#

Anyone knows work-around for this ?

Thanks in advance

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MULTIPATH(8)						   Linux Administrator's Manual 					      MULTIPATH(8)

multipath - Device mapper target autoconfig SYNOPSIS
multipath [-v verbosity] [-b bindings_file] [-d] [-h|-l|-ll|-f|-t|-F|-B|-c|-q|-r|-a|-A|-w|-W] [-p failover|multi- bus|group_by_serial|group_by_prio|group_by_node_name] [device] DESCRIPTION
multipath is used to detect multiple paths to devices for fail-over or performance reasons and coalesces them OPTIONS
-v level verbosity, print all paths and multipaths 0 no output 1 print the created or updated multipath names only, for use to feed other tools like kpartx 2 + print all info : detected paths, coalesced paths (ie multipaths) and device maps -h print usage text -d dry run, do not create or update devmaps -l show the current multipath topology from information fetched in sysfs and the device mapper -ll show the current multipath topology from all available information (sysfs, the device mapper, path checkers ...) -f flush a multipath device map specified as parameter, if unused -F flush all unused multipath device maps -t print internal hardware table to stdout -r force devmap reload -B treat the bindings file as read only -b bindings_file set user_friendly_names bindings file location. The default is /etc/multipath/bindings -c check if a block device should be a path in a multipath device -q allow device tables with queue_if_no_path when multipathd is not running -a add the wwid for the specified device to the wwids file -A add wwids from any kernel command line mpath.wwid parameters to the wwids file -w remove the wwid for the specified device from the wwids file -W reset the wwids file to only include the current multipath devices -p policy force new maps to use the specified policy: failover 1 path per priority group multibus all paths in 1 priority group group_by_serial 1 priority group per serial group_by_prio 1 priority group per priority value. Priorities are determined by callout programs specified as a global, per-con- troller or per-multipath option in the configuration file group_by_node_name 1 priority group per target node name. Target node names are fetched in /sys/class/fc_transport/target*/node_name. Existing maps are not modified. device update only the devmap the path pointed by device is in. device is in the /dev/sdb (as shown by udev in the $DEVNAME variable) or major:minor format. device may alternatively be a multipath mapname SEE ALSO
multipathd(8), multipath.conf(5), kpartx(8), udev(8), dmsetup(8) hotplug(8) AUTHORS
multipath was developed by Christophe Varoqui, <> and others. July 2006 MULTIPATH(8)

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