Problems with EURO symbol in a data flat file

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Problems with EURO symbol in a data flat file
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Old 09-19-2013
Sure this is your output? I can't see any extended ASCII char in it.
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Old 09-19-2013
here is my file output with hexdump
0002110 39a4 3939 54a4 4152 534e 465f 5054 505f
0002120 5753 30a4 31a4 36a4 3644 3634 3645 3739
0002130 3633 3234 3334 a431 4436 3436 4536 3936
0002140 3337 3436 3432 3133 a4a4 6ca4 7872 6478
0002150 3035 5f32 444e 5557 3032 5f35 3030 5f31
0002160 3331 3032 3135 3136 5f32 6164 6174 705f
0002170 6f72 5f63 6170 6d72 5f73 696c 7473 642e
0002180 7461 32a4 3130 3033 3139 0a33 646e a477
0002190 3631 3939 a437 3331 3030 a438 3032 3331
00021a0 3130 3830 31a4 3033 3830 32a4 3130 3033
00021b0 3031 a438 3331 3032 a435 3032 3331 3730
00021c0 3432 6da4 6ca4 7872 66a4 39a4 3939 54a4
00021d0 4152 534e 465f 5054 535f 5652 4e5f a44d
00021e0 a430 a431 6c74 3072 a431 6c74 3072 a431
00021f0 a4a4 726c 7878 3564 3230 4e5f 5744 3255
0002200 3530 305f 3130 315f 3233 3530 3631 3231

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Old 09-20-2013
Sorry, you lost me. That file does not translate to any meaningful output unless you use a non- ASCII char set. If it were some kind of ASCII, it had EURO symbols all over the place, and no col separators nor new line chars.
Please start over, present your problem, what you have gotten, and what you want/need, backed up by meaningful samples.
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