RHEL 5.5: how to remove a clustered VG?

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat RHEL 5.5: how to remove a clustered VG?
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Old 04-14-2013
RHEL 5.5: how to remove a clustered VG?

Hi all,

I have a 2 node rhel 5.5 cluster (2 server and 1 quorum disk).
I created 2 cluster resources using Luci web console, they are 2 Volume Groups.

I want to remove that cluster and shutdown node 2, but I don't want to loose data on Volume Groups clustered.

How can I remove that cluster and mount volume Groups (now managed by Luci) without loosing data?

Thanks and regards
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4S-BACKEND_SETUP(1J)						      4store						      4S-BACKEND_SETUP(1J)

4s-backend-setup -- Create a new 4store KB SYNOPSIS
4s-backend-setup kbname [--node node-number] [--cluster cluster-size] [--segments segment-count] kb-name --node Number of this node in the cluster, values range from 0 to cluster-size - 1. The default is 0. --cluster The number of nodes in the cluster. The default is 1. --segments The number of segments in the cluster. The default is 2. We recommend one for each CPU core in the cluster as a good starting point. Higher numbers tend to consume more resources, but may result in increased performance. NOTES
Once crated with 4s-backend-setup KBs should be started with 4s-backend(1) SEE ALSO
4s-query(1), 4s-size(1), 4s-httpd(1), 4s-backend(1), 4s-delete-model(1) EXAMPLES
$ 4s-backend-setup --node 0 --cluster 1 --segments 4 demo Creates the indexes for a single-machine KB with four segments, named "demo". 4store May 31, 2019 4store

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