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Apache question - virtual host related

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Old 03-31-2013
Apache question - virtual host related

Hi folks,

I recently read about Apache virtual host and was able to configure that as well. I used name based virtual host (lets say http://vhost1.example.com) and it worked just fine. Then I configured another named based virtual host on same apache server (lets say http://vhost2.example.com) and that worked too (ONLY after disabling first one i.e. vhost1). Otherwise it was showing homepage of first virtual host, if I dont disable the first virtual server.

My initial understanding says that there can be multiple active virtual hosts (name based) - but that doesn't seem to be the case. I know and learnt about precedence also and according to that first virtual web server will be default webserver.

My quesion is - how to enable all name based virtual hosts & is that even possible? If yes, could someone please provide a same config?

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Old 03-31-2013
You will have to be more specific about what you've done and in what ways it is and isn't working.
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Old 04-02-2013
Posting your httpd.conf would be good (along with any additional .conf's apache has been configured to pull in).

From the symptoms it sounds like you might not have uncommented the "NameVirtualHost *:80" line but we can't tell for sure. If you don't have "NameVirtualHost" configured, apache httpd will default to IP-based VHosts and just resolve DNS names to get the IP.

I'd check that and if you're still having issues put your configuration files up on dpaste.org (censoring sensitive things like passwords and usernames) so we can review.
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