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FTP issue

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Old Unix and Linux 03-01-2013   -   Original Discussion by mastansaheb
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FTP issue

Hi everybody,

I would like to findout a directory or a file which is located at ftp server by connecting with ftp <ip> by using any other linux utility. I tried with find and locate commands in this manner but didnt work. Please help me.

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Old Unix and Linux 03-01-2013   -   Original Discussion by mastansaheb
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ftp is not a shell, so you can't expect all the UNIX commands to work. In fact "ftp" is a client program (and a very basic one, at that). Inside "ftp" you can only use "ls" to list a single directory. Many ftp-servers therefore have the output of "ls -lR" (a recursive drectory listing) in a file near the top of their tree. Download this file and search in it for what you are interested in.

I hope this helps.

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