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No sound in my Linux

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat No sound in my Linux
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The exact device name can vary. fdisk -l to list information on available disks and their partitions.

Have you tried the instructions I gave you to fix your sound yet?
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Corona, this device name isn't there. I think I need to check one by one and find out.
(By the way, mine is Linux 2.6)

I tried the following but to no avail.
You can tell ALSA via the option  options snd_hda_intel model=acer

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Originally Posted by ravisingh
I tried the following but to no avail.
What exactly did you do with those options?
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Corona, I haven't run those options rightly. I w'd later let you know after running it.
By the way, please look at the attachments when I tried to run an audio file.
Also see the command output please if that indicates something. The command in the attachment worked only when run by superuser.
One point, the problem must be that I haven't installed any sound supporting file separately. I installed only the OS.

Also Corona, one more point. I asked the device file name in earlier post in this chain. Please find the file name dev_folder to see the list of device name I got in my /dev folder. Any idea which one will work for my pen drive.

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It's telling you what's wrong -- it can't understand that kind of audio file.

Try playing some other kind of audio file before assuming your sound card doesn't work.

I can't tell which device from the name alone, unless you show the listing of /dev/disk/by-path/, and that you can probably tell yourself -- it'd be the one with USB in it...

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Yes Corona, sound and video both are there in my system.
Have a look of the files I tried:

1. .avi

This file had both video and audio working in my Linux.

2. .mp4

This is video with sound
It didn't run and I am attaching the screenshots for this. It's the same screen shots as earlier I sent you.
After reading the message (screenshot named mp4), what I thought that I have to separately install driver files for multimedia,i.e. for audio and video. This is because when I had installed Windows I had to always install separately driver files. I thought the same is to be done for UNIX.

3. .aac

It messaged " couldn't determine type of stream"

4. .mp3

Same error as for .mp4

5. .amr (audio file)

Same error as above.

Now as per the screenshot 1mp4, I need to install the decoders for each file type. That is from internet, I should download those and install.
Am I right?
No sound in my Linux-mp4png
No sound in my Linux-1mp4png

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