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I can't remove rpm package

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Old Unix and Linux 02-05-2013   -   Original Discussion by Douglas Ramalho
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I can't remove rpm package


I can't remove a rpm package with
rpm -e net-snmp

Nothing happened, and the process returns D status when i see with
ps aux | grep rpm

. When i say "Nothing Happened", the terminal don't return any message, and not remove the package.

What can I do to remove?

Ps: I work with Red Hat 9 shrike

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Old Unix and Linux 02-06-2013   -   Original Discussion by Douglas Ramalho
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What does rpm -qi <package> return? The RPM database may be corrupt - you can run an rpm --rebuilddb to rebuild the RPM database, but read the documentation and understand the implications before doing so. It could also be that the pre-removal scripts are failing - try an rpm -e --force <package> to force the removal.
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