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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Setting Password For PDF File--Linux
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Old 12-18-2012
RedHat Setting Password For PDF File--Linux


I am in need of help. My requirements are :
1) To convert the existing files (irrespective of their format) in a directory to PDF format
2) To make the converted files password protected.

I did the attempt to do the same. Though the existing files (irrespective of their format) are getting converted to pdf, but when I take the the to local desktop, it is not opening as its pops "format not supported".
I did as " mv $i* $i.pdf " (variable i which holds the existing file name alone).
I have no idea how to make it password protected.

Please help me asap.
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Old 12-18-2012
Just renaming the file by changing the extension to .pdf will not convert a file to PDF. You have to use an app, for example:text2pdfto convert a text file to PDF.

For applying password on your PDF file, you can install and use pdftk. A simple google search will yield results on how to use this app to apply password.

I hope this helps.
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