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Cobbler - what is the advantage?

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Cobbler - what is the advantage?
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Old 12-13-2012
Cobbler - what is the advantage?

Hi guys, new user here, so please be gentle.

I need to build a lot of servers at work on a weekly basis with various versions of RH and additional applications.

We use PXE/Kickstart to do this with selections made from a simple menu structure.

However, I keep hearing about Cobbler and although I have some documentation on it, I still cannot figure out any advantage it has over the pxe/kickstart method.

What am I not 'getting'?

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cfetoolgraph - create graphs from a cfetool database SYNOPSIS
cfetoolgraph name [--path|-p directory name] [--daily|-d] [--weekly|-w] [--yearly|-y] [--timestamps|-T] [--resolution|-r] [--help|-h] DESCRIPTION
The cfetoolgraph command dumps graphs of averages for visual inspection of the normal state database. The files are in a format viewable by "gnuplot" or "xgmr" or other graphical plotting program. The command generates three or four files in a subdirectory of the database directory with a name beginning with either "daily", "weekly" or "yearly", then "-", then either "snapshot" or the current time, if the -T option is used. The files are named "average", "stddev", and "graph". The "graph" file contains both the averages and standard deviations, useful for plotting with error bars. If a histogram file is present, a fourth file named "distr" will also be created, plotting the distribution of fluctuations about the mean value. If the -d, -w and -y options are all omitted, the default is to only graph the weekly database. OPTIONS
--path|-p directory name The directory in which the database specified by name can be found. --daily|-d Graph the daily averages database. --weekly|-w Graph the weekly averages database. --yearly|-y Graph the yearly averages database. --timestamps|-T Time-stamp the output filenames with the current time, in order to give a unique name. --resolution|-r Generate high resolution data (), instead of averaging data over periods of one hour to generate simpler and smoother graphs. --help|-h Prints a short help message and then exits. EXAMPLE
% cfetoolgraph temperature --path /my/path --resolution Create graph files of the weekly database in high resolution in the "/my/path/temperature/weekly-snapshot" directory. AUTHORS
The code and documentation were contributed by Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, a department of Stanford University. This documentation was written by Elizabeth Cassell <> and Alf Wachsmann <> COPYRIGHT AND DISCLAIMER
Copyright 2004 Alf Wachsmann <> and Elizabeth Cassell <> All rights reserved. perl v5.8.4 2004-09-21 CFETOOLGRAPH(8)

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